What to Expect

When you arrive you will enter the foyer where there are assorted drinks (including coffee of course!) and snacks. As you proceed into the worship center grab a seat. At 10:30 the worship band starts and plays a mix of worship songs you might know as well as originals. There will be a time of offering and announcements. The offering is for those who call Live Oak home and it's when we recognize that all we have is from God and bring him a portion back in worship. After another song or two, one of of our pastors will give a message that is from the Bible and applicable to your life. We usually close between 11:30-11:40 with a song and feel free to hang out afterwards and talk. We'd love to get to know you. We'll also throw in other creative elements from time to time that go along with the message for that day.

What About My Kids?

For kids up through 5th grade we have a kid-designed service that takes place while parents are in church. You can enter through the family entrance and our staff will take care of checking your child in, letting you know about safety protocols, and what they can expect that day. Your kids will go to an age appropriate classroom to do an activity before going to the large treehouse room for music and a lesson. Then they will break back up into their classrooms where they will break down the lesson through questions suited to their ages. 

What Do I Wear?

Just be you. There is no certain style at Live Oak. You'll find many come in jeans and a shirt, while some like to dress business casual. Pastor Brad has an affinity for Hawaiian shirts, while Pastor Eric tends to wear long sleeves or hoodies.  

How Long Does It Last?

Our Worship Service lasts 60-75 min. 

What Are The People Like?

We get it. If you haven't been to church before, it can be intimidating to go somewhere new for the first time. One of the positives we hear about Live Oak is a version of, "This church is refreshingly authentic!" We know none of us is perfect and it's only by His grace that we can have a relationship with Him, thus we extend grace to others. What you'll find is a community who will care for you, walk with you, and celebrate with you.